Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Do you dream of having thicker, longer and more luscious hair?  

Hand tied hair extensions are your state of the art solution!   

We are certified in the Habit Extension Method using Covet & Mane luxury hair. It’s a versatile,gentle process which can help you meet your hair goals in just ONE session. Whether you’re looking for extra thickness, length or a pop of color, we can make it happen for you! Pricing upon consultation.

Local Honey Beauty Hive Hand-Tied Extension Form

    If so, which method have you had and what was your experience?
  • If yes, are you happy with your current color? Is there anything you would like to change about your current color?
  • Last Question! Why do you think Habit Hand-Tied Extensions are a good option for you?

    * First Time Installation *
    In order to book an extension appointment, there is a 50% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT towards your hair investment.
    *This deposit goes towards the overall cost of your hair purchase. The remaining balance will be due the day of service and is discussed prior to your install at your consultation. Hair color/lightening services are an additional charge.
    The first appointment includes:
    - 100% luxury remy hair extensions
    - Custom cut to blend your new hair
    - Style
    *The initial “full head” install (for lots of length and thickness!) ranges from $1000 - $2000. If you're simply wanting more volume, one row of hand-tied hair can be added to fill in weak sides and/or volume to your existing length (price is adjusted accordingly). The total will be narrowed down during your in- person consult. Price is based on where your hair is currently, and what needs to be done to achieve that flawless blend and your dream hair! Below are average package pricing options for various lengths based on two rows:
    Volume (2-4 wefts on 1 row)
    Length (4-6 wefts on 1 or 2 rows)
    Length & Volume (7-10 wefts on 2 to 3 rows)
  • Maintenance Appointments

    Your extensions will need to be moved up every 7 - 10 weeks. This is a range; most clients get serviced every 8 weeks.
    Pricing is as follows:
    First Row: $200
    Additional Rows: $100 each
    Partial Row : $50+
    Removal: $50
    *The extensions will be removed and reinstalled then color refreshed as needed. Color is not included in move-ups and is priced a la carte based on what we do during that appointment.
    For example: your bill for two rows moved up plus a partial highlight would be similar to this:
    Removal: $50
    2 rows moved up: $300
    Color service: $100+
    Total= $450+
    Extension hair needs to be replaced on average every 8-12 months.

    Caring for the extension hair is crucial for it to last and look as healthy and natural for months! We go over your hair care regimen with you and even give you some goodies to get started. It is required that extension clients use products that are sulfate, paraben, alcohol and silicone free. A gentle shampoo / conditioner, a masquerade, detangler, and thermal protectant are must-haves. It is recommended to wash extension hair every 7-10 days. We go all over all of this and I make recommendations for you!
    Some other care guidelines:
    - Silk pillowcase
    -Brushing multiple times day (using a specific hand-tied extension brush) to prevent tangling
    -Braiding or securing hair to sleep
    -Avoiding chlorine, salt water and sunscreen on the extension hair

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